Know Your Fish CONTEST!

The colors and scale patterns on “everyday” fish never cease to amaze me. Here are five close-ups of common freshwater fish and a chance to win a prize. Submit your guesses through the contact button on the left. The first person with an all correct submission, or the most correct by Monday, May 30th will win your pick of a Len Thompson spoon shown above.

Fish #1
Fish #2
Fish #3
Fish #3
Fish #4
Fish #4
Fish #5
Fish #5

… and Another Useful Loop

The Dropper Loop

Form a loop in the line.
Pass the tag end of the line through the loop about 6 times.
Pull the bottom of the original loop up through the middle of the six coils that you just formed.


Moisten the knot and draw it tight from the main line, tag end, and the loop at the same time. It should be fairly even size and neatly stacked on each side of the loop.