The winner is Chris from PA. He was the first contestant with all five guesses correct. Chris chose the Len Thompson No. 6 as his prize because it was the smallest lure available. He said, “I don’t catch many fish and the ones I do catch are usually quite small.” Let’s hope he was joking.

Thank you to all that participated. Check back often for more contests and tips.

See correct answers below.

Fish #1 Chain Pickerel
Fish #2 Samllmouth Bass
Fish #3
Fish #3 Rainbow Trout
Fish #4
Fish #4 Largemouth Bass
Fish #5
Fish #5 Fallfish


Know Your Fish CONTEST!

The colors and scale patterns on “everyday” fish never cease to amaze me. Here are five close-ups of common freshwater fish and a chance to win a prize. Submit your guesses through the contact button on the left. The first person with an all correct submission, or the most correct by Monday, May 30th will win your pick of a Len Thompson spoon shown above.

Fish #1
Fish #2
Fish #3
Fish #3
Fish #4
Fish #4
Fish #5
Fish #5

… and Another Useful Loop

The Dropper Loop

Form a loop in the line.
Pass the tag end of the line through the loop about 6 times.
Pull the bottom of the original loop up through the middle of the six coils that you just formed.


Moisten the knot and draw it tight from the main line, tag end, and the loop at the same time. It should be fairly even size and neatly stacked on each side of the loop.

The Perfection Loop

Form a loop with the tag end going under the main line.
Turn the tag end back in the reverse direction over the main line.
Bring the tag end under the “figure 8”.
Fold the tag end back over the “figure 8”.
Pull the loop on the main line side over the tag end and through the other loop.
Moisten the knot, draw it tight, and trim the tag end.

Connecting Braid and other Superlines to Leaders

The Uni to Uni is my go-to knot for connecting my main line to a leader. It is a very reliable knot for attaching mono or fluorocarbon to superlines. I routinely use it with 14 to 30 pound braid and 12 to 30 pound fluoro/mono and also 6 to 10 pound Fireline and 8 to 15 pound fluoro. The Uni to Uni Knot is quick, easy, and strong. What else could you ask for?

Lay about a foot or so of line and leader along side each other.
It doesn’t matter which piece you start with, but I usually start with the main line. Form a loop in the main line keeping in along side the leader.
Take the tag end of the main line and go through the loop and around the leader 4-6 times. The thinner the line, the more wraps.
Holding the main line and its tag end, moisten the knot and pull it just to the point where you start to feel some resistance.
Repeat the process with the leader on the main line. Form a loop of leader along the main line.
Pass the tag end of the leader trough the loop and around the main line 4-6 times.
Moisten and “snug up” the leader knot. Then moisten the line and leader between your two knots and slide them together.
Using all four legs, tighten the two knots and pull the line and leader so they jamb together. Trim the two tag ends closely.