From Frogs to Snowballs

While the salmonid bite remained steady this month, the weather was anything but. Fishing in “shorts weather” to downpours to a snow storm, the conditions ran the gamut as winter draws near. Here are a few November moments.

November started with lots of stream side frogs…
…and the last of the wet wading brown trout.
The first trolled landlocks of the season came to the net.
I had to break out the gloves while exploring a couple new wild trout streams.
This rainbow was a surprise visitor on a tributary known for brook trout.
Speaking of brook trout, another small stream produced natives…
…while the first snow melted.

“The 2018 Fly Fishing List” is stalled out at 19. Here’s where is stands so far:

1.Brown Trout – Salmo trutta
2. Brook Trout – Salvelinus fontinalis
3. Rainbow Trout – Oncorhynchus mykiss
4. Landlocked Atlantic Salmon – Salmo salar
5. Creek Chub – Semotilus atromaculatus
6. Northern Pike – Esox lucius
7. Largemouth Bass – Micropterus salmoides
8. Chain Pickerel – Esox niger
9. Black Crappie – Poxomis nigromaculatis
10. Bluegill – Lepomis macrochirus
11. Bowfin – Amia calva
12. Pumpkinseed – Lepomis gibbosus
13. Common Shiner – Luxilus cornutus
14. Redbreast Sunfish – Lepomis auritus
15. Rock Bass – Ambloplites rupestris
16. Green Sunfish – Lepomis cyanellus
17. Smallmouth Bass – Micropterus dolomieu
18. Blacknose Dace – Rhinichthys obtusus
19. Kokanee Salmon – Oncorhynchus nerka