Mixed Doubles Through the Year

Whats more fun than catching a fish? Catching two at the same time.

How could that get more interesting? Simultaneously catching two different species, of course.

A small pond double header of largemouth bass and black crappie in the early spring.
A river twofer of smallmouth bass and channel catfish on a summer float trip.
Early fall brings some great panfish opportunities like this bluegill and black crappie combo.
The cool water of the late fall sparks salmonid activity. This RBT and LLS pair will attest to that.

One from winter: the pic at the top shows a mixed double of rainbow trout and chain pickerel captured over deep water. They were sharing that location to feed on a school of alwives. Notice the third fish in the net. That alewife was barfed up by the pickerel. The gamefish were released unharmed. The alewife was DOA or maybe DOB.