Like the first robins of spring, stocking trucks and the nets full of trout are harbingers of greener pastures. That is true both literally and figuratively. How ’bout that?

A colorful male “broodstock” rainbow trout.

Wordplay aside, grab your Len Thompsons , or whatever your “go to” trout lures may be, and take advantage of these hatchery enhanced fisheries.

What run of the mill stockers may lack in size, they make up for in fight and eagerness to bite.

In my early years, April meant trout season. Then for many years I wouldn’t be caught dead near trout water in April. In fact, I looked forward to April as a decoy to draw people away from the non-trout waters.

From hand size to…

Recently, I’ve come full circle. I look forward to fishing stocked trout waters like it’s some kind of manmade spawning run. The action is fast, the size can be great, and for those inclined, it offers some guilt free harvest opportunities.

…two hands plus, stocked trout add a surge of variety and excitement to spring fishing.

Stockers, stockies, planters, hatchery trout; call them what you will, they provide great spring action for those that partake.