Your Backyard Bait Shop

Spring showers bring us the bounty of “Driveway Worms”. It is a convenient opportunity to collect free, natural baits. Sizes will vary widely. Small worms can be used as bait for catching bait, or ultralight applications. Full-sized nightcrawlers can be used for a number of different gamefish from walleye to catfish.

What is the toothpick for?
Slip the toothpick under the midpoint of the worm to lift them. It’s a lot easier than trying to pinch them off the pavement with your finger tips. The smaller the worm; the more you will appreciate the toothpick method.
You can cover the worms with loose soil or commercial worm bedding. Lately I’ve successfully¬†used damp leaves. I have not found a lid to be necessary, When stored out of sunlight, directly on a cool garage floor, and covered with leaves; the worms stay put on the bottom of the container and last for weeks.
Check on the leaves periodically. When they feel dry, replace them with a fresh covering damp leaves. Otherwise, your worms will turn into a wad of something between half cooked pasta and beef jerky.

Small worms can also be used to feed residents of the home aquarium.