Drop Shotting: When Less is More

Small baits
Fishbelly Hawg Shads in 3.5 or 2.8 inch sizes are about as good as it gets when it comes to minnow imitating drop shot baits. The right size, great action, and unbeatable colors set them apart from the competition.


Small Hooks
A size 2 Gamikatsu Drop Shot hook is my “go to” hook for drop shot rigs. I’ve used other hooks with great success as well, but consider the “Gami” the best of the bunch.

Size 2 Hooks from left to right: Gamikatsu Split Shot/Drop Shot, VMC 7356 Sure Set, VMC 7119 Spin Shot.

Small Movement
Keeping your movements short and subtle will entice more strikes than a exaggerated jigging motion. Jiggling the rod tip a few inches on a semi tight line works best. Try to use the weight as an anchor and just shake the line and lure for the most natural movement.

The slow, subtle movements make drop shotting perfect for shallow water sight fishing.
Subtle movements and delicate presentations make drop shotting perfect for shallow water sight fishing.

Small Hookset
No need to haul back hard on a drop shot strike. Just reel down tight and sweep the rod firmly and steadily until you’ve got a good bend in the rod. The sharp exposed point of a little drop shot hook plants easily and stays planted.

The ease of hook set makes the drop shot system adaptable to many types of tackle, including ultra-light spinning.